Happy Tails Update – Henry!


Henry came to BCSP earlier this year, so starved he was near death.  We are happy to report Henry was  adopted by a loving family in October!  Congratulations, Henry, our first YouTube star!

Here’s the update we received from his new family:

Just wanted to send you a pic of Henry. He spent the weekend at deer camp and he had a blast. He is doing super! I’ve been feeding him a high protein diet and using the dynovite and his coat is coming in healthy and shiny and his itching is finally getting better.

I think he’s gained about 4 more lbs. I ordered the training book you recommended and we’ve been working through it. I am so in love with this guy!! We couldn’t have asked for a better 4 legged kid!! Hope all is well with you.  — Sam

The book referenced above is The New Dog Training Manual  by Dr. Bruce Fogle
This is Marilyn Neville’s favorite dog training book.  Dr. Fogle has used many photos to “show” the readers how to do what he “tells” you to do.  So this book is excellent for a family to use together to train their pets basic obedience.  I have suggested this book for families with small kids too because they are very good at using hand signals.

A dog is a visual creature.  They “speak” to other dogs with body language first, then they use scent to distinguish sex and label the new dog they meet with a “name tag” by remembering their scent.  When we understand that a dog is visual first, we can better train them, train them faster, by using tools dogs prefer such as hand signals voice alone to teach sit, down, follow me, come to me, jump up into the car, go into your kennel, etc.

Dr. Fogle makes dog training easy and fun for the whole family and especially for the dog!

Another tip: make it a game for the whole family.  Don’t pet the dog or puppy unless it is sitting.  This is rewarding good behavior, a behavior that keeps the dog from jumping on the kids and guests as well as you when your dressed for work or church!  Say SIT when the dog sits on its own without the hand signal too.  This helps to reinforce a desired behavior.

A sitting dog is a dog that is being a lady or gentleman!  We like that [don’t we]!