Our project animals are scattered in the Marble Hill, Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Scott City, Portageville and surrounding southeast Missouri areas. Only about 10% of our animals are adopted to homes in our area. About 80% are adopted in the St. Louis area 2 to 2.5 hours from Bollinger County. About 10% are re-homed all over the USA, transported by volunteer drivers, air or professional ground transport.

We are a Missouri rescue that has adopted dogs to as far west as Calgary Alberta Canada, and Portland OR. Kansas City, TN, KY, MN, and IL families on a regular basis and have shipped dogs to NC, Washington DC, WA state, NH, MA, MI, MN, OH, IN, SD, KS, TX, NE, and IA.

Don’t let distance stop you! Families drive or fly to find their forever pet. Usually we are able to set up transport to help a dog find their forever home.

A $50 fee is required to transport a pet to the St. Louis area.

Remember, we don’t sugar coat our animals. We tell you who they are in our care.

It will be worth your drive time to come here. We have a great selection of quality pets and our prices for their adoption are so reasonable. If we don’t have what you want now, email us and we will look for that perfect pet. A response may take up to 48 hours due to the large work load and few volunteers here “in the sticks”, the foothills of the Ozarks…