Connection Between Animal Abuse and Child/Spousal Abuse

When an animal is abused, often you will find children or a spouse in the house also suffering from abuse or neglect.  Below is a news piece that aired on KFVS 12 news in Cape Girardeau, MO about a child and animal abuse case in the Southeastern part of the United States.

What do you think will happen the the children who were brought up in a home like the one in the news piece?  How do you suppose they would discipline their children or treat their pets if not taken from such an abusive home?

To learn more about the relationship of animal abuse and the “disconnect” that can happen towards people in the life of an animal abuser read the following links on the subject.  IF you turn your backs and just say “I can’t stand to read it” or “I don’t want to know about it” you will not have the knowledge to know the signs and you won’t really have the strength to stand up to fight the abuse when it is brewing.  Knowledge is power.

If we, in the trenches, were not strong enough to face abuse and neglect head on, who would?  So, please learn the facts by reading one or all the following three links of information.

I have seen and because I have seen I can move forward to make life better for others.