Pounds for Paws


Pounds for Paws
Every month, Bollinger County Stray Project goes through about 1,000 pounds of dog food for our 50+ dogs in the Project.

Please consider donating $1, $5, or more to help us during those lean months when our generous corporate sponsors are unable to assist.

Donations are through PayPal. Thank you!!

christi thayer 150.00 USD
Pam & Bob Alford 100.00 USD
Tracy Collins and Paul Schankman 50.00 USD
Victoria Shade 50.00 USD
Linda Whitener 25.00 USD
Susie Burton 20.00 USD
Michelle Quade 20.00 USD
Jennifer Hiebert 10.00 USD
Tim Johnson 10.00 USD
Total amount 435.00 USD