We are an all volunteer program. Generally the families who call about a stray, or who want to relinquish a pet, also agree to foster those animals until a home is found for them. These unselfish families are the reason we were able to save over 100 pets our first year, and over two hundred pets each year, during the last two years. We save countless other pets by contacting other rescues and families who can directly take animals in need.  So if you would like to be considered as a foster-home to help us ensure the care of so many in need, please contact us.

The Stray Project’s Director, Marilyn Neville and her husband, are retired dog breeders that have bred and placed a rare mastiff breed from Japan. They also conducted limited dog showing in conformation. Marilyn taught dog obedience for over 13 years, using positive reinforcement techniques. She currently teaches dog obedience at the Charleston Missouri Prison for the “Pups in Parole” Program.

Marilyn understands temperament and knows how to read an honest dog. She will not accept dogs with aggression concerns in the Projects and does a great job matching pets to the right family. This group has only 2%- 5% adopted dogs return, and those result generally because of a lack of work; loss of a home; divorce or something weird like when two pups tried to tear up a greenhouse…oops!

We survive mostly from the adoption fees of the puppies or high-demand small breed dogs. Our vetting cost is generally more than the adoption fee for the larger breed dogs, black dogs, and hounds. This is why we must limit the intake of those types of dogs or we will not survive. That is why we appreciate YOU sharing our websites with your friends and colleagues, and are most grateful for new FOSTER HOME CANDIDATES.

Physical volunteer help is always needed to keep our yard spiffy and “picked-up” (if you know what I mean…with16- 25 dogs loose in the yard at a time, we have plenty of poo to do…). We have 11 kennels here that range in size from 8 x 8 to 10 x 20 to 16 x 32 to 26 x 48.