Dog Shooting in Bollinger County

Yesterday morning, in a very remote area between Advance and Zalma, MO, a beautiful white dog was shot in the neck with a high-caliber handgun using a hollow-point bullet, then tossed into the creek.  The entry wound is small; exit wound shows massive destruction.  She showed heavy bruising on her belly, right at the rib cage, possibly from being kicked prior to being shot or from being kicked off the bridge after being shot.

Property owners, who found her dead in the creek, tell us poachers frequent this area.  Deer carcasses are dumped here year round. Many have been trophy bucks with heads missing.  Meth makers have been seen here with Arkansas license plates.  They are “sick and tired” of the use of their land for such activities.

We decided not to post the picture showing the exit wound.  It’s just too difficult to look at.  We are unsure of her breed:  German Shepherd or Husky.  We need to find her owner.  Was she killed by her owner or someone else?

We have reached out to the Bollinger County Sheriff’s Office to help us find the dog’s owner.  Marilyn, BCSP Director, has been interviewed by KFVS-12 News today.  Look for this story on tonight’s 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts.


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