Miss Sadie Bell

10389329_757690594269560_8116235759911278970_nMiss Sadie Bell, a blue tick hound found 6/17/14  in pitiful shape needs your help.

No adoption as of yet: she is still available. I was able to meet her yesterday. She is an extremely amazing dog! She readily accepts and loves strangers. Is GREAT with other dogs. She has been very quiet and has been a charm to care for.

Her in a word: STOIC.

The vets consider her a very unusual case. Her ruptured uterus was very bad one. She had mummified babies in her uterus and the situation was very hard for the staff’s eyes to witness, and hard for SADIE BELL to withstand. However, she did.

IT is unknown if any pups were born alive or survived after birth.

This amazing dog needs a home. Her discounted vet bill is $282.00 which includes her bag of Purina Performance Blend food to help get her back to a respectable body score quickly. We would like to give her to an approved family, one that has a fenced in yard or lives in town and will exercise her on a leash.

We have set up a PayPal account (see below) asking for help on her bill so we may give her at a discounted adoption fee or give her to her new home.

No owner, so now she is legally a Stray Project dog, looking for you to be her everything!


Sadie Bell - Found Starving Bluetick Hound
Miss Sadie was found 6/17/14 in Bell City, MO very skinny - a "rack of bones". 2 days later, she had emergency spay surgery, with a ruptured uterus. She also has a dislocated hip, an old injury that has fused together.

Thank you for considering donating to Sadie Bell's fund to make it possible to adopt this tough and deserving gal to an approved home at a much-reduced or no adoption fee.

All donations are through PayPal.

Nancy Bohle 20.00 USD
Total amount 20.00 USD
Target to reach 500.00 USD