Happy Tails: Wade and Brian

Wade Brian



Here’s a heartwarming story of a boy, Wade, and his puppy, Brian, adopted from BCSP earlier this year.  It’s a testament of what a rescue dog is capable of and how animals truly enhance our lives!

If you would like more information about Wade and his condition, visit his website at www.wadesharp.com

Letter to BCSP from Wade's Mom - April 2013

We can not begin to express how grateful we are for Brian. He is a true blessing and has made a world of difference in all our lives. Brian is being trained as a therapy/service dog for our 6 year old son Wade. Wade condition, osteogenesis imperfecta, causes his bones to break very easily. Wade has had 16 casted fractures and 4 surgeries to date. He has limited mobility and is periodically in a cast, sling, and/or wheelchair.

Brian and Wade had an immediate connection that grows in love every day. Brian initially increased Wade's mobility. Wade began moving around so much more just to play with his new puppy. Brian attends doctor visits with Wade. His presence alone has proven to soothe a somewhat uncomfortable and stressful experience. Brian shows true concern for Wade and lies next to him on the exam table the entire visit. Brian has also become protective of Wade. At the park another dog jumped up on Wade's wheelchair. Regardless of the significant size difference, Brian came running and pushed the dog off of Wade's chair. Brian has become a social catalyst for him. Other children would often stare and gawk at Wade in his wheelchair but now they want to talk and play with Wade and his puppy. Wade also reads to Brian. This is especially beneficial as Wade has fallen behind at school due to a recent surgery and extended absence from class. Brain has lifted Wade's mood so much, he has lifted the mood of our entire home.

We are so impressed with his intelligence and willingness to learn new skills. We are using clicker and positive reinforcement training from multiple books and videos. Brian is scheduled to begin formal classes with a local trainer at 6 months. Brian has already learned to sit, come, crate, bring, drop, leave it and pull. He is also learning how to walk on a leash next to a wheelchair and walker. We socialize him daily. Brian attends school with Wade every Friday morning. Brian has done exceptionally well at hospitals, retail stores, patio restaurants, banks, offices, parks, long car rides, sleep overs, and other family member's homes.

 Brian is in great health and is a very active playful puppy. He loves to chew, run, hug, and give kisses. He loves all his toys and treats and is a bit of a hoarder.

We cannot thank you enough for Brian. We LOVE him so much.

Michael, Emily, and Wade Sharp


May Update

… He is taking to his training very well and it is one of his favorite things to do....that and give kisses. He has adjusted well and is a great addition to the family. Thank you so much for such a great puppy!!

July Update

… I wanted to keep you up to date on Brian.  We continue to train him to assist our son. He has shown amazing progress. Just last night he retrieved items from under furniture and behind boxes on command. He is a natural and very easy to train. We have inquired with a service dog trainer in Texas to help us with more advanced training once he is older. He has is a great addition to the family and a real blessing. Thank you so much for all you do for these deserving animals.


August Update

…Our son, Wade, is not only walking, he is playing and dancing!! The wheelchairs and walkers are back in storage. Swimming lessons are back on. He will be starting school soon and we are nervously excited. Wade has started taking Brian on walks with me. He wishes Brian was ready to go everywhere with him but he understands Brian must grown up first. They have developed a very special bond.