Happy Tails: Rusty

Written by Crystal Higgins:

Rusty came to BCSP on Memorial Day weekend this year.  He and his “sister” Rosie wandered onto the porch of an elderly couple in Wayne County.  We took these pups within a day of the call because they only had table scraps to feed them and were worried about falling.

My family and I fostered Rusty for about a month.  What a great time we had with him!  He was so tolerant of the kids playing with him.  Always wanting attention, and so playful with our other dogs.

IMG_1078   IMG_1072













Rusty was adopted on the 4th of July by a wonderful family from St. Louis with 2 children. They sent us an update on Mr. Rusty recently, that we wanted to share with you.  Sounds like Rusty is fitting in nicely!




From Rusty's Forever Family

I have been meaning to send you a picture and update on Rusty. He is doing great at our house and we are all really enjoying his company. He almost never barks, loves to chase all the bunnies by our house, and hides all his bones in the dirt in our yard. It is so cute to watch. He even hid one in our potted plant inside! He is very goofy. He still loves to chew, but does well with sticking to his toys mostly. He is silly though and will try to pick up just about anything on our walks- rags, plastic bottles, pens, you name it. He has only had one accident in our house so far the whole time we have had him. We just love him.

 My daughter has given Rusty so many little silly nicknames and is always picking him up and carrying him around. Luckily, he does not seem to mind. He is also so good in his kennel. He sleeps in our room and does not bark or anything until we take him out. I walk right past him to go to my 6am workout and he just waits patiently for me to come get him for a walk at 7. So great!


I am sure glad you helped Rusty find his way to our family!

 Thanks so much,