Candy Puppies

Rachel Ray


Update: 12/14/13: Last puppy from this litter, Skittles, was adopted today!  YEAH!!!

Update: 11/2/13: 2 more puppies from this litter have been adopted.  One left:  Skittles!

Update:  11/1/13:  2 puppies from this litter have been adopted!  We still have three available!

September 23, 2013, will be a day Linda from Bollinger County will not forget.  She found a litter of 5 severely-starved baby puppies, one nearly dead, laying covered in fly eggs, a sign that Mother Nature was ready to take her life.

She lay in a bundle on the ground flat, having given up the struggle, the will to live.  She weighed about a pound.  WAY below what she should.  We’ve named her Dot.

One pup was in the three pound range, most about two pounds of bone.  They are 8-10 weeks of age.

This case shows the type of human carelessness for life that angers me beyond words…

When a family does not want puppies, can’t afford them, does not want their energetic curious mouths chewing stuff, dragging out the trash or pooping in the yard, then “a spay is the way”.

Keep mom from having the puppies by spaying her, even if she just got bred.  It is so simple.   If you need help getting mom spayed, ask us if you can be included in our voucher program to help pay for that spay.

When puppies are born, call us.  We will either accept them or find a rescue group to take and care for them.  We have two groups who take most of the pups we ask to accept.

Dot needs to be a feisty gal to survive.  Upon finding her, she was rehydrated, given a B-12 shot, an iron shot, and is still struggling to survive.

The rest of the litter was de-wormed, fed, bathed, given flea spray and now are resting trying to gain strength.

This litter will be expensive for us these first few days.  Dot and her siblings will receive their first puppy shots when they are done passing worms from this first de-worming and have enough hydration and groceries in their belly for muscle on their bones.

Dr. Jones, from Bollinger County Veterinary Service, will foster them until I have an opening here. We do not have a heated area to keep them at this time.  I suspect they will be boarded a few days until they have the strength to be moved back in the environment, in a good pen.

IF you would like to donate to help pay their ER vetting today, top quality food, and boarding, you can by donating via PayPal (see below).  Or, can you help by finding a forever home for one of these pups?

Thank you for cross posting.  Sharing their story may help change someone’s mind about dumping that litter or stray or their own pet.

Maybe someone will spay their female who they don’t want to breed anyway, especially if it is a mix breed.  No excuse not to spay!

THANK YOU for your support!

Marilyn Neville, Director BCSP


Candy Puppies
If you would like to donate to help pay their ER vetting, top-quality food, and boarding, you can by donating via Pay Pal below. Thank you so much for your support!
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