Happy Tails: Miss Millie


cam11Millie came to the Bollinger County Stray Project like too many others: in pitiful shape.

One hot and muggy morning in May 2013, the local veterinarians came to work to find a homemade crate, made with a small dog playpen and strapped to two pieces of particle board. The “pen” was set in the sun. No food or water was provided for the mother, Millie (known to BCSP as CAMMIE CORGI), or her five 5-week old pups. The pups had the typical huge bellies full of worms. Mom was a rack of bones and so dehydrated no blood could be drawn to check her for Heartworms.

The floor of the pen had a huge hole, large enough for the puppies to fall out of when lifted off the ground. The pen was covered in loose feces as were the pups and their mother.

They had suffered a long and miserable night and existence up to that point of their lives.

All were cleaned up, vet checked, and then I drove the 30 minutes to the vet to pick them up. That day the Missouri Department of Agriculture state veterinarian was at the vet office to work on another case. Dr. Baker was able to see first-hand the plight we face on a daily basis.

When I drove to the vet I had 9 more strays with me for various vetting needs, including leaving several there to be spayed and neutered the next day.


All our strays have a story.  The beginning of Millie’s story was difficult, but after all 5 of her puppies were adopted, it was Millie’s turn.  She was adopted by the Hollis family in August!!

Thank you, Hollis family, for giving Millie such a loving and happy place to call home!

Happy Tails: Miss Millie

Happy Tails: Miss Millie

Happy Tails: Miss Millie

Update from the Hollis Family

Hello Marilyn, I'm messaging you with an update on Millie (formerly Cammie Corgi). Josh and I couldn't be any happier with our decision to adopt Millie. She is perfect! She loves to cuddle, watch Animal Planet, play in the snow and have an occasional Puppachino from Starbucks. She is also a huge St. Louis Blues hockey fan like her parents. We love her! Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. Millie has changed our lives 🙂