Black Dog Syndrome…really?!

Did you know that black dogs are often the last adopted and the first in line for euthanization?

Shelter and rescue workers call the problem “Black Dog Syndrome,” and experts have a few theories about why black dogs are harder to adopt out than other dogs.  Some think it’s because black dogs look more threatening than other dogs.

Black dogs are also tougher to photograph well. This may seem like a silly reason behind Black Dog Syndrome, but it’s actually a big deal. Many potential owners search shelter websites before coming in to meet the dogs, and a bad photograph can sometimes make or break a dog’s chances of getting adopted.

While skeptics say that Black Dog Syndrome is a myth, rescue and shelter organizations insist that it is all too real. Yes, there are more black dogs out there than lighter-colored dogs, but workers who deal with dog adoptions day in and day out say that they see perfectly adoptable dogs get rejected by potential owners simply because of the color of their coat.

I hope, like us, you find this shockingly ridiculous and will do all you can to help ensure that beautiful, loving black dogs overcome this bad stigma – it is a disgrace…and so very unfair!