Audrey Hepburn – Severely Neglected Boxer


Matt Finney, one of our many generous financial donors to Audrey's cause, meeting her for the first time.    As luck would have it, while he was there, a couple saw her and adopted her.

Matt Finney, one of our many generous financial donors to Audrey’s cause, meeting her for the first time. As luck would have it, while he was there, a couple saw her and adopted her.


Happy Tails Update:  Miss Audrey was adopted on 2/6/13.  Congratulations Audrey!  We wish you a long, happy life!


She didn’t know which to take first:  food or water.  She desperately needed both.  She just stood there taking neither…


23This dog, who we are calling Audrey Hepburn, was said to be a stray, taken in for a few days.  We would later learn she was in the care of the caller for at least a month.   She was in a home with children and possibly four other dogs.Another case of neglect and starvation at a time that a layer of fat is so important on a single coated dog.  In this case the dog did not even have a coat.

The Boxer has a contagious skin disorder called Sarcoptic Mange: contagious to dog and human.  The condition is easily treated but takes time to heal.  Cases as severe as Audrey Hepburn’s can take a month or more, while we usually have the contagious mange under control within two weeks.

Audrey’s case is accelerated by her serious starvation, making her whole system taxed.  Dr. Jones from the Bollinger County Veterinary Service said Audrey is a stage 1 (the worst) of a possible 9 for body scale.  I believe we were finally called to help this dog because her “caretaker” realized she was going to die.

The caller asked me if I could return the dog after “fixing” her.  The caller is very poor and struggling, however, that is no excuse for not calling us sooner for help for this dog’s skin condition and, if she could not afford to, feed her, too.  She will not be returned.

Please see her photo gallery below.

Audrey Hepburn - Severely Neglected Boxer in Bollinger County
Please consider donating towards the care of Audrey.  We do not have room to isolate a dog in her condition.  She is being boarded and cared for by the Bollinger County Veterinary Service and needs a month of isolation and TLC such as they are able to give.  She will be spayed after her treatment is completed and up for adoption sometime in January. 

If you are interested in her adoption call 573-722-3035.  Audrey is believed age 18 mo to two years.  Her condition is not genetic so she will be completely healed soon.  

Donations are through PayPal. Thank you!!
100.00 USD
Diane Taylor 100.00 USD
Matthew Finney 100.00 USD
Karsyn Connell-Domino Designs for Dogs 65.00 USD
Karsyn Connell-Domino Designs for Dogs 55.00 USD
Deb Stanley 50.00 USD
Suzanne Lohr 50.00 USD
Larry Wiseheart 20.00 USD
Trish 15.00 USD
Mark Adamson 15.00 USD
Susie Burton 10.00 USD
Total amount 580.00 USD
Target to reach 600.00 USD

We contacted the Sheriff’s office because the children in the home possibly need medical attention for the mange, and concern for the remaining dogs.

Note: Seldom do we contact the Sheriff’s Department or other animal cruelty investigators when we receive starved or injured dogs.  However, in the case of this Boxer we have.  The reason we generally don’t is because we don’t want the community to be afraid to call us for assistance.  We are working hard to teach our community how to care for their pets.  We want to partner with our county residents and help the people who help the strays: poor, comfortable or wealthy callers.  We want to help with spay vouchers to eliminate the expense to care for unwanted pups and kittens.

We want to positively make changes without causing a barrier of fear or even hate towards us.  Our volunteers  work hard to make a difference for the people and pets in Bollinger County (with 17.3% poverty) and surrounding areas.  However if you ask for help and you lie about the situation, if children are involved (as in this case with a contagious skin condition), if you don’t do right by your other animals, and if you continue to abuse or neglect – – – the authorities will be contacted.

ASK FOR HELP, and we will understand that times can be hard for you and help you in any way we possibly can.  PLEASE call before it is too late or the situation too bad to turn around for your pets and livestock.