Injured and Unwanted!?

It’s bad enough being an unwanted dog…but being injured or sick on top of that is just more than any dog should have to bear.  No other creature on earth loves as unconditionally as a dog – and yet they are so often the most abused.

When an animal that needs special care and medical procedures come into the shelter, the strain on available funds budgeted for normal care can be drained quickly.  Yeah – we know.  Some say we should just “put the dog down” and God knows we have to do that often enough.  But as Dr. Retz indicated just the other day, there are those times when you just have to save one that looks you right in the eye.  Those usually turn out to be the very best pets ever!

From time-to-time, making the decision to save one of these special, loving creatures who have been abused or neglected is something the BoCo Stray Project needs your help with – and quickly.  We promise not to abuse our relationship by “crying wolf” needlessly – but to those of you who lend your support, please know that when we ask under the “URGENT” tab on the website…that is exactly what the situation is: urgent.  Funds you generously donate go directly to these specific causes, to pay for the hard costs of the care they have been given that exceeds the adoption fee asked.

So if you have a few dollars to spare – every single dollar is needed and very appreciated.  Thank you so much.