Without the help from dedicated, compassionate veterinarians in our area, we simply could not possibly help all those wonderful pets-in-need!

Please show your appreciation of those in our community willing to make sacrifices to help us in our efforts.

We work with four main veterinarians, each in a different county.

Our main veterinarians are in Bollinger County – Dr. Liza Jones and Dr. Colleen Retz at Bollinger County Veterinary Services.


Also helping our area are:

  • Cape County – Dr. Walter Branscum
  • Scott County – Dr. Shively and Dr. Kistner
  • Stoddard County – Dr. Brett Ward

We also work with a veterinarian in Sikeston- Dr. Williams and another vet in Cape County has given us discount vetting: Dr. Schabbing. Without their dedication and community support, we could not afford to continue our rescue efforts.