Wally Pa Pello – Severely Neglected Akita-Mix Dog


Thank you for your concern for Wally.  We’ve had far too many stories very similar to his in the Bollinger County area.

Wally was taken to the vet this morning.  He tried to jump in the truck by himself .   Once Marilyn and he were on the road, he seemed excited, like he was going home.  What kind of life has he had so far?  Is someone looking for him?

Great news is that he is Heartworm negative.  His prostate is very large, causing his dark urine.  He was improved enough today to be vaccinated.  It’s amazing what 2 days of proper care and TLC can do for a poor soul.  We think he’s gained 4-5 pounds in those 2 days, as well.

We’ve been able to save several severe cases this past year.  See below for their transformation stories!!  Thank you for your continued support of BCSP!



Wally's story will likely have a very happy ending.  Below are other examples of severely neglected dogs in very sad shape when they first arrived at BCSP.   Every one (except Stevie) has come to us just this past year.  So many very needy strays in our area needing help.

Stevie the Wonder Dog

He was another beautiful stray in Bollinger County, but this one was different in many ways. He was thin like so many but this beauty was also injured. He laid not wanting to move, and when he got up he did not walk far nor fast. His walk was crooked as his hip waved back and forth...

JR and Eugene

Three years ago a young family, who lived three miles north of Marble Hill, got a yellow puppy. This puppy was to keep their aging Australian Shepherd company and be a new companion for the children.

Every day the pup and older dog would follow the children to the end of the driveway and wait with them for the bus to come pick them up.

Then one day, the family moved, and left their dogs alone.

3 years later, they were brought to us. After waiting over the summer for new families to adopt them, JR and Eugene were adopted within one day of each other!

Other BCSP Rough Starts with Happy Endings

  • Audrey Hepburn – Severely Neglected Boxer

    Audrey Hepburn – Severely Neglected Boxer

        Happy Tails Update:  Miss Audrey was adopted on 2/6/13.  Congratulations Audrey!  We wish you a long, happy life! …. She didn’t know which to take first:  food or water.  She desperately needed both.  She just stood there taking neither… …. This dog, who we are calling Audrey Hepburn, was said to be a(…)

  • Happy Tails Update – Henry!

    Happy Tails Update – Henry!

    Henry came to BCSP earlier this year, so starved he was near death.  We are happy to report Henry was  adopted by a loving family in October!  Congratulations, Henry, our first YouTube star! Here’s the update we received from his new family: Just wanted to send you a pic of Henry. He spent the weekend(…)

  • Candy Puppies

    Candy Puppies

    Update: 12/14/13: Last puppy from this litter, Skittles, was adopted today!  YEAH!!! Update: 11/2/13: 2 more puppies from this litter have been adopted.  One left:  Skittles! Update:  11/1/13:  2 puppies from this litter have been adopted!  We still have three available! September 23, 2013, will be a day Linda from Bollinger County will not forget.  She(…)