Nick Becker Benefit

Officer Nick Becker is an animal welfare advocate who has helped with several animal welfare situations in Bollinger County. Now he needs the help of like-hearted friends. He has stage 3 cancer which as spread to his lungs. Officer Becker is a 25-year-old husband and a father of a 1-year old daughter.

According to an article in the Banner Press Newspaper, Officer Becker has no health insurance through the county because our poor county does not have the funding.  His family does have some insurance, but it is not enough to cover their expenses related to surgery, treatment and the travel for the treatments.  His wife Kaylee is a part time photographer who has lost work hours while taking care of her husband and baby.

When a little terrier was found in a dangerous situation on a busy road in Marble Hill, Officer Becker stopped and picked him up, quickly taking him to safety at his own home.  Marble Hill no longer has a working dog pound.  The owner never tried to find the little dog so he called the Bollinger County Stray Project.

Father Walsh with "Nick Becker"

Father Walsh with “Nick Becker”

We named the dog Nick Becker.  Nick has a fantastic home with an Irish priest named Father Brendan Walsh.  Father Walsh lives in the area and is praying for Deputy Sheriff Becker.

With the support of the Bollinger County Eagles & Bollinger County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, Billy and Mary Minter (BCSP fosters) are putting together a benefit Spaghetti dinner for March 29, 2014, 11am to 6pm.  There is a live auction 6:30 that evening too.  Check out the flyer below for more information.

If all our FB friends gave a small donation of $3-$5 or $7 the price of the benefit spaghetti dinner, we could show the sheriff’s department how important they are to us.  Show them we support the men and women who help us help the animals in a very special way.

I (Marilyn Neville) will start this fundraiser by donating $25.

Officer Nick Becker Fund
Thank you for helping one of our guardians when his family needs it most.

All donations are through PayPal.

A friend 100.00 USD
Marilyn Olson Neville 25.00 USD
Amanda Butler 20.00 USD
friend 10.00 USD
A Friend 7.00 USD
friend 7.00 USD
Total amount 169.00 USD

Final Flyer For Print Feb 28