An investment in happiness.

The price of adoption is well worth the satisfaction of gaining a loving companion – so come see all our wonderful pets just waiting to show you the value of our nominal, reasonable adoption fee!

Pros to adopting a dog from rescue or shelter

Here are a few of the wonderful reasons for adopting a dog from Bollinger County Stray Project, instead of buying one from a pet store or a breeder:

  • Save one of the millions of animals euthanized in shelters every year. When you adopt a shelter animal, you give one of these adoptable dogs a second chance at a new, healthy life and a happy home.
  • Discover that the dog you thought you wanted isn’t the one you need. For example, you may think you want a puppy but discover that an older dog is calmer and better trained, so a shelter may be a much better place to find your fit.
  • Pay less for your new best friend. Adoption fees typically are far below what pet stores or breeders charge.
  • Find out more about your new dog than you can from a pet store. Responsible shelters like BC Stray Project provide you with plenty of care information, support, temperament evaluation, and more.
  • Get more specific information about a shelter animal from shelter workers. Talk to the people who have been spending time with the dog to find out about what the animal is like and what he needs.
  • Feel good about contributing to and supporting a process that supports the welfare and management of stray animals in your community. You can get involved with the process in many ways, from adopting pets to donating money to volunteering your time to even fostering a dog while it awaits a permanent home.Like most shelters, BC Stray Project includes many volunteers on their staff, solicits donations, and conducts fundraisers. They often need your help. In fact, we depend almost entirely on donations and volunteers – so your participation on any level is welcomed!