Urgent Plea for Special Case
JR and Eugene are special cases that deserve special homes. Here is their story... Three years ago, our owners divorced – and left us alone. We miss the two small children that we loved much, and we've tried hard to survive and wait for their return. Through the kindness of a neighbor (whose primary home is 40 mins. away), we have been kept alive with food 3x a week. But we both are now in desperate need of a good loving home, and consistent care and nutrition. WILL YOU HELP US NOW?
Pamela & Bob Alford 100.00 USD
C. Susan Suhr 100.00 USD
Belle Suhr 100.00 USD
Catherine Shinabarger 100.00 USD
In honor of my senior dogs 100.00 USD
For Eugene & J.R. still Loving & Loyal 100.00 USD
Brenda Bunch 50.00 USD
Deb Smith- for Eugene and JR 25.00 USD
Mary Waite 20.00 USD
Campfire Cafe TV 10.00 USD
Edie Boyce 10.00 USD
Clint Lacy 5.00 USD
1.00 USD
Total amount 721.00 USD
Target to reach 775.00 USD

FULL DISCLOSURE so you know the scoop!  They both have Heartworm. The yellow dog, who we call JR, is 3.5 to 4 years old and is mild-stage 1. The Australian Shepherd, which we call Eugene, is 8-10 years old and is stage 2 heartworm with mild microflora. Both dogs are treatable. Both dogs are otherwise believed healthy and, with your help, will have a good quality of life!

Normally we don’t accept dogs over age 6, and we rarely take dogs over age 4, because the dog-owner community so often overlooks these dogs. There is the emotional twist involved: falling in love with a dog that needs you the most, yet won’t be with you as many years as a younger furry friend.

So we need someone who will not consider the age, but will consider the heart and soul of the dog we call Eugene, the name of the Good Samaritan who fed these dogs for three years. It is easy to love older dogs. They appreciate your kindness so much, and they generally depend on you more than a younger dog. They are often loyal from the moment you take their leash. They look into your eyes with a deep understanding that you don’t often see in younger dogs.

These two dogs were accepted 08/20/13, and they need someone not only to adopt them, but they need sponsors to prove to us we can afford to help dogs like them that – need extra medical or foster attention.

Because they are larger dogs, their neuter costs more. They both have Erlichia, so their antibiotics are more expensive. Eugene needs a dental and maybe extractions, too. We also have completed a complete blood panel for Eugene, an additional $90 above the routine vetting. They need good food to develop a healthy coat. We will be feeding them Purina ProPlan and giving them Dinovite for their coats and overall improvement for a healthy “complexion.” We will treat Eugene’s Heartworm with Ivermectin (Heartgard) twice a month and the 15 day Baytril antibiotic regimen to kill the microflora and treat the Erlichia.

If we get the support we need for Eugene and JR, we will continue to accept older and larger dogs with HW in the program. Without that support, dogs like Eugene, who are hardest to re-home – will “break the bank.” If you can’t adopt one of these special and deserving guys, they and we will appreciate any help to pay for their special care.

Help Eugene:

  • Find a home
  • Pay his vet bills so we can re-home him for free
  • IF not adopted right away to find a foster home to care for him in a manner he deserves
  • Find a rescue if a home is not quickly secured for Eugene.

Help JR:

  • Pay for his Heartworm treatment and basic care.
  • Find a home or foster to care for him soon, in a manner he deserves.