Ditto Dolly Finds a Home!!

Dolly in June 2013

Dolly in June 2013

Dolly in June 2013.  She seemed so sad that day.

Dolly in June 2013. She seemed so sad that day.


Ditto:  a duplicate; another of the same.

Every year, we encounter a dog with mange or serious ringworm. We usually call them Dolly, in this case, Ditto Dolly.

Ditto Dolly came to us in the spring last year, in pitiful shape…severely starved with mange.  We don’t have pictures of her when she first arrived.  The pictures we took of her in June show that she was putting weight back on, but still physically and emotionally recovering.

We are so happy to report that Miss Dolly has been adopted!!  We received this follow-up message from Dolly’s new family:



Message from Tim

1932670_10201777676309931_1996073172_oAs most of you saw yesterday we adopted a new fur baby. Her name is Dolly, she is a timid little thing but made her way to our bedroom and is sleeping next to me. I want to thank Marilyn Neville at Bollinger County Stray Project. She is Dolly's rescue angel. We spent 1.5 hours with her yesterday at her home where she keeps her rescues. This lady has dedicated her life to this rescue, given up her home and what I am sure is a considerable part of her personal life on this mission.

We go through our lives and we are fortunate to meet people who make a difference in our lives and the world. Marilyn is one of these people, in my book she is a true hero! I am so glad we met her and got Dolly. For those fans out there as you can see Dolly seem to be adjusting to being a princess. If any one is looking for a worthy cause, look at this:  bcstrayproject.org They can use all the help we can give!

See Dolly's video made for her last summer, showing her at various stages in her recovery, made in hopes of showing potential adopters just how amazing she is! 

Dolly, from all your friends at BCSP who have helped you on your journey:  Best Wishes Girlie!  May you never want for a warm place to snuggle, food for your belly or someone to play with! 

You can read more of how Dolly came to us here:  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27704708/

Ditto Dolly