BCSP Report – Week 5

photo copyJanuary 27  –  February 2, 2014 (written by Marilyn Neville)

Cat and dog videos have become the craze on late night comedy and even some news programs. Dog and cat companion videos are especially fun for me to view because of how animal behavior interests me.

Often the two species will tolerate each other, sometimes even lay together. Rarely will you find a “couple” who will eat from the same bowl. A dog that shares a bone with a cat and the cat lives to meow about it is indeed exceptional.

Atypical is a dog that will protect his pet cat from other dogs.

How many dogs do you know that think a cat which aggressively uses its claws in play deserves to live to see tomorrow? How many people do you know that would tolerate being bitten on the nose or scratched about the face without some type of discipline training?

Stevie Wonder Dog is such a fur-dude. Following are a few comments from Mark, his owner in Nebraska:

Marilyn…I will tell you this…Moe (now a fully grown cat) does NOT play/fight fair…he will use his back claws and he bites Stevie on the nose and tongue…He will sneak attack and dive off stuff unexpectedly…he hides and attacks like a sniper. Stevie never hurts him…although he will pick him up by the nape of the neck and drag him to carpeted areas to “level the playing field.”  It’s fun to watch. I could charge admission.

Moe ALWAYS initiates these battles…and despite it all…Stevie actually protects him… watches over him. He will not allow Crash (our other Border Collie) to participate or hurt Moe.

I think Crash secretly would like to take Moe out. Stevie won’t let him. Now…if Cisco (our alpha border collie who recently passed away) was still alive…well, this would have been over day ONE. For Stevie and Moe…this FUN continues every day. They are inseparable and seem to need each other.

The two rescue animals are happy: truly happy.  They eat out of the same bowl and sleep together.

I hope you can see how healthy Stevie is.  He is active…has horses, squirrels and all sorts of activity around him.  He is getting around VERY well.  I’ve cut back his pain meds.  I know him well enough to know if he needs them.

I hope all is well with our friends in Missouri!

-Mark and Stevie

Mark says, “They seem to need each other.” I would agree.  Stevie is the crippled Border Collie rescued from rural Bollinger County about two years ago. I suspect it is easier for him to exercise lying down and I am sure he finds Moe entertaining as well as mentally stimulating. A Border Collie needs mental stimulation as they are so intelligent and masters of communication by body language.

Oddly however, they often have high prey drive and are known as brave, so to find such a dog who will share food and a bone is nothing short of astonishing.


 It is cat food in the pic…they will share back and forth…NO protecting the food…NO concern about the other eating it…they follow each other everywhere.  Moe tries to eat chew sticks and milkbones…he waits for treats with the “other dogs.”  When I go to the butcher once per month…I bring each dog a big bone…Stevie eats at one end…Moe at the other. Crash buries his in the back yard to keep from both of them. 🙂

The photo Mark sent showed the two best friends gently eating from Moe’s cat dish, not hogging, but gently sharing. Mark also wrote:

“It is funny to watch. Often when Stevie is eating a bone or milkbone…Moe waits right next to Stevie and eats the chips and leftover pieces. I guess I wouldn’t call it sharing…but, they are NO threat to each other…ever. Stevie will growl at Crash [their other Border Collie] but not at Moe.

I had a little bit of Ready Whip on my finger the other night…and they licked it off together.”

Folks, don’t try this at home!!!  Stevie is truly a “WONDERFUL wonder dog”!  In all my years with pets on the farm as a kid and adult, never have I known a dog like Stevie.  The Adamson Family was blessed when the stray kitten they call Moe came into their lives.  More so that this inquisitive kitten ended up with the right dog to tolerate his high level of curiosity and play drive.

Crystal Higgins put together a “wonderful” video of Stevie the Wonder Dog and Moe.  You can view it here

You may recall that Stevie Wonder Dog was the guy with the severe injuries in the hind quarters, one leg even being shorter than the other from never being in a cast after a severe break.

Pet of the Week:  This dog was found near Co Rd Y near the Castor River 1/31/14 and is not microchipped.  We think this dog is a Boston Terrier or mix of.  Call 573-722-3035 to claim or adopt after 2/10/14.

Pet of the Week: This dog was found near Co Rd Y near the Castor River 1/31/14 and is not microchipped. We think this dog is a Boston Terrier or mix of. Call 573-722-3035 to claim or adopt after 2/10/14.


Accepted strays and relinquished dogs:

… Doberman Pincher male, age 1 yr: Good Samaritan agreed to take him from owner, was skin on bones.  She did an amazing job to help this dog recover.

… Shih Tzu male, white and peach in color, age 10 months, relinquished.

Adoptions, return to owner or placed in other rescues: 

… First of six Great Dane/Great Pyrenees mix pups, a female, adopted by a worker for marketing dept for American Lung Assoc., He a union worker, Collensville Illinois.

… Audrey Hepburn, last week’s Pet of the Week, adopted by an area family, repeat adopters.

… 11 Pit Bull pups and their mother went to Illinois rescue.

… Bubbles, Shih Tzu mix female, grey in color, adopted by an elderly lady who lost her husband in Bollinger County.

… Louise EEE Anna, Min Pin and Beagle mix went to a foster in Cape to participate in a special program for children in the “EPIC Program”. She will be gone for 12 weeks and likely adopted when seen by so many people before she ever comes home again.  This special dog has been with us for over 4 months with only one call of interest.  Her story shocks all who know her qualities.

Cat calls:

… FREE, ten cats: age 1 year, all spayed or neutered house cats, litter trained. Well cared for, call 573-495-2033

… FREE, three long hair tabby kittens: one dark tabby semi long, a white with tabby, and a black tabby with white, age 6 months, spayed.   Call 573-495-2033

Calls requesting assistance for dogs we did not admit:

… FOUND on DD north of Hwy 34 about 3 miles: Grey with fancy white markings, female older kitten, very loving. Please call 314-640-2349. Dogs want to eat the kitten.

… We are fostering three dogs from the Patton area whose disabled owner’s home burnt down. Owner: please call me at 573-722-3035.

… FOUND 2/1/14 near Castor River and Highway Y area: 30 pound Boston Terrier type dog, broken brindle markings on black torso.

… FOUND 2/1/14 corner of 51 and NN: Great Pyrenees male, all white, large blocky head, wearing a collar, very thin, injured from mating. This dog is with Rough Road Rescue in Perryville.

… FOUND 2/3/14 Marquand on Co Rd 858 near Liberty Church: Black, intact male, about 20 pounds with white on chest and legs, tip of tail, also tan on belly and on face, Dachshund or Bassett (long body) mix with maybe Beagle. Dark freckles on white legs.   This dog is said to be very thin, no collar, age unknown.

… Witnessed dumped from a grey vehicle before the first big snow storm of 2014 near New Salem Church on Hwy 51: brown and tan male dog, intact, about 40 pounds, not a Pit, hoping to get pictures for FB.

Miscellaneous and contact info:

We had 46 dogs at our home 2/3/14.

Coyotes are mating and lots of dogs are missing. This is typically a season that dogs are killed by coyotes and you won’t find leftovers. They will kill any size dog. Please assist any strays that come to you for help.

Cats need shelter too. Deworm to help them so they cat maintain a layer of fat to help keep them warm. Supplement with the best quality food you can afford. Many of the cheaper foods can cause urinary problems in some cats. Dog food is especially dangerous to feed cats often causing stones which can lead to death. Dog food has a lower protein and fat level than most cat foods too, and it not otherwise nutritionally adequate for cats to thrive.

Please give your pet shelter with 4 sides and a roof, liquid water and food to maintain body weight and heat in this cold.  Shelter needs proper bedding to keep pets warm.

Please do the following when you pets are expecting or caring for a litter:    offer any pregnant dog small-breed-puppy-food the final 1-2 weeks before delivery and while the pups are nursing. Give those mothers all the food they want: bowls full all day and lots of fresh water available all day.   Cats need kitten food.  Free feed the higher calorie food during the nursing stage to help mom make milk and maintain her own body mass.  Babies need to be dewormed as young as 1-2 weeks, then every 7-10 days until age 10-weeks or older if in a confined environment with re-infestation concerns.

Please report animal abuse and discourage anyone from dumping dogs or puppies.

Offer strays water on day one and food day two or three. Call if missing a dog or you have a stray.

If you suspect an animal is being neglected or abused, call the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline, 314-647-4400 or 800-383-9835 or you can make a confidential report on line at Humane Society of Missouri.

To understand when an animal is being abused or neglected in the state of Missouri read the following link:http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/cruelty/mo_cruel.htm

We LOVE Buchheits!  Donate a buck or more at the Jackson store for dog food and supplies when you shop. Also, Second Time Around in Marble Hill is taking donations for the Stray Project. Monetary donations are accepted at the Bollinger County Veterinary Service, Marble Hill Coop, Buchheits, and the MH Town and Country.

Thank you to the County Residents who have continued to support the Bollinger County Stray Project. 

Check out our available pets at Petfinder.  Call 573-722-3035 about our adoptable pets.