Many of you know Marilyn and Michael Neville as the dynamic duo that runs the Bollinger County Stray Project. In addition to being a retired FBI agent, Michael is also an excellent Tenor Saxophone player. He was fortunate enough to have sat in and played regularly with the Bury Brother’s Band in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1980’s and 90’s. John Bury is the very talented pianist, Bo Fritz played drums, and Dan Bury played bass, strings, and mixed the music.  He was also responsible for producing the CD which was created in Ponte Vedra, Florida in November 2016. We are extremely grateful – especially since Michael is sharing his talents to support his passion for the non-profit rescue of dogs.  Currently, Michael plays Sax with the Jerry Ford Music Group based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri – performing at clubs, festivals and various events including several inaugural Balls at the Missouri State Capitol.

Special thank you to the musicians Dan Bury (keyboard bass and strings, arranger-producer), John Bury (piano), Bo Fitz (drums), and to Karen Belcher for the cover photo taken of her daughter Tara in a Missouri sunset. Tara also plays saxophone in her high school band.  Karen is an avid volunteer for the Bollinger County Stray Project.

We hope you’ll give a listen to Michael’s sweet sax, and download a few tracks or the whole collection – for your INSTANT enjoyment for supporting our furry friends! Donations go directly to the non-profit organization. Thank you!

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