Spay & Neuter Campaign


If you can afford to spare a few bucks – please donate to this fundraising campaign for what everyone is sure to agree is a worthy cause!  Together, we can help control overpopulation of pets and improve the quality of life for many four-legged creatures!


Spay/Neuter Fund
We know that everyone is not in a position to adopt, or even foster, pets in need. But surely all of us can spare a few bucks to help control the population through an active Spay & Neuter program!?

Dr. Liza Jones and Dr. Colleen Retz at Bollinger County Veterinary Services are desperately trying to help us by providing discounted services to low income families and outright free procedures for true strays.

Payment method is PayPal. Thank you so much for supporting BCSP!

1000.00 USD
Rachel Speer 25.00 USD
Total amount 1050.00 USD

Spay pyramid