Our Partners


When you support our partners, you support BCSP!  Please show your appreciation of their sacrifices which have helped us in our efforts.

Veterinarian Sponsors

Without the help from dedicated, compassionate veterinarians in our area, we simply could not possibly help all those wonderful pets-in-need!


Liza Jones, D.V.M. and Colleen Retz, D.V.M. from Bollinger County Veterinary Services provide services to a majority of  BCSP pets.



Brett Ward, D.V.M. from Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic provides excellent service to many BCSP pets. 





Stephen Williams, D.V.M. from Animal Health Center of Sikeston provides BCSP with deep discounts on services provided.


Jeff Shively, D.V.M. from Scott City Animal Clinic has provided excellent service to BCSP.


Another excellent veterinarian who has assisted BCSP is Walter Branscum, D.V.M. from Tilsit Road Animal Clinic

Grant Sponsor



In 2013, Sidewalk Angels Foundation awarded BCSP a $20,000 grant, which is being used to spay dogs and cats in our area.



Dog Supplies


Buchheit Farm Store is our main supplier for most of the supplies we need for building, fencing, storage, bedding and upkeep, as well as specialty foods. They have one of the largest selections of fresh dog food in the area at very competitive prices.  Also a good supply of pet supplies such as leashes and collars all at competitive prices. 

Buchheit's has generously donated dog food and supplies to BCSP.  Buchheit customers can donate to BCSP.  Just ask your cashier.




K9Tailor has donated super-cute coats for our pets, to keep them warm and aid in their recovery.

Media Partner


For years, Mississippi River Radio has offered special programming and news story time regarding animal welfare issues. They recently added a special one-hour program just about pets!